PART # 1030512-I
Exhaust Gas Temp Gauge Kit - Post Turbo / Black Face

$356.00 CAD

Monitoring exhaust gas temperature (EGT) if your first step in preventing potential engine damage when doing performance modifications and/or towing heavy loads. When you can see that you are running hot, you can take steps to reduce heat before it is too late. Plus, it can be used to determine when it is safe to shutdown the engine and optimize cruising speed for better fuel efficiency. These 2-inch round gauges are the perfect choice for earlier non-electronically controlled engines or for those who prefer the mechanical look. Available for pre-turbo or post turbo probe mounting.


  • Keep track of your exhaust gas temperatures to protect your engine
  • 2-1/16" Diameter
  • 10' Lead with 1/8"NPT Thermocouple
  • Black face - Color coded dial - White pointer
  • Post turbo install - 1500'f
Install Time

  • 30 Minutes

  • Refer to Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Gauges listed come with black face add "W" to part number for White Face