The BD Diesel staff are racing enthusiasts and BD has been a long supporter of the Diesel competition world. Be it sled pulling or drag racing, you will find us at many of the events or have our banner hung high. We do not want to simply sell you a turbo based on chatter; we want to make sure you are getting the unit you need based on engineering. Not only do we have our own built units, we can also so supply out of the box Borg Warner and Garrett, some of which would not be listed here on the site. So, if you need more information or do not see what you are looking for, send us an email or give us a call.

If you are looking for that one piece to mount your own turbos, then look no further than BD Diesel. We have a selection available of elbows, flanges, oil drains and hardware, the same stuff we use in our kits.

When you are making a project of it all and putting your own kit together, you need to do some extra manufacturing to get the turbos to fit right. Using one of our flanges helps reduce your manufacturing time by giving you a properly fitted mounting surface that you can weld to a pipe or adapter.