PART # 1050490

Venom CP3 Conversion Kits - Dodge 6.7L 2019-2020 Pick-up 2500/3500

$2,575.95 CAD

Product Options:
  • Replaces CP4 injection pump with reliable CP3 pump
  • Designed for use with Duramax Style CP3 pump
  • No tuning required
  • EPA compliant
  • Available with or without CP3 pump
  • Also available with an R900 Stroker pump (# 1050651)
  • Includes fuel control actuator (FCA) extension harness
  • No core charge

Go back to a simpler time, when things worked and you could rely on your Cummins fuel system. Since the introduction of the common rail fuel system in 2003, all Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Cummins Rams were equipped with a reliable Bosch CP3 high pressure fuel pump. Then in 2019, Cummins made major changes and switched to a Bosch CP4.2 pump which has seen its share of problems in the GM and Ford Applications. Due to the CP4's lower volume output, Cummins had to increase the drive ratio of the pump and turn it faster to keep up with fuel demand!
The CP4 is also susceptible to catastrophic failure. When disaster strikes, the entire fuel system requires replacement after metal debris from the failed pump spreads throughout. Cleaning the tank, replacing lines and injectors, and, of course a new pump can end up costing you in excess of $10,000 in repairs! Prevent a costly failure, increase power and add durability by backdating your Cummins to a CP3 with a conversion kit from BD Diesel. This kit comes with everything you need for install, and does not require tuning! Kits are available with or without a stock CP3 pump, and, is also available with a high performance R900 stroker pump.


  • 3 Hours
  • Longer install time with Cummins model CP3 pump



  • 12-Months


  • Conversion is EPA compliant on its own - any addional alterations to fuel system (tuners/programmers/injectors) may not be EPA compliant
  • Not for sale on licensed California vehicles
  • SEMA Certification No. SC-BDD01-0058
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