Revolutionizing Truck Performance and Reliability

The automotive landscape in Canada has been revolutionized with the unveiling of the BD 10R80 RoadMaster Transmission for the 2018-2020 Ford F-150 2.7L and 3.5L engines. This groundbreaking development elevates transmission technology standards, catering especially to stock or slightly modified trucks. Designed as a formidable solution to the issues plaguing the Ford 10R80 model, it promises enhanced durability and performance.


Addressing the Ford 10R80 Transmission Dilemmas

The 10R80 transmission has gained notoriety for several shortcomings, including harsh shifting experiences for Ford F-150 drivers. These problems are often attributed to deteriorating converter clutch material, burnt clutches, and internal transmission defects such as CDF drum leakage and valve body leaks, with overheating being a primary flaw in its original design.

The RoadMaster Transmission from BD emerges as a meticulously engineered remedy for these concerns. It tackles the prevalent issues head-on, introducing significant advancements that yield smoother, faster gear transitions, reduced transmission heat, and an extended operational lifespan.

Revolutionary Design and Superior Features

The RoadMaster boasts an innovative modified valve body, which amplifies line pressure by around 30%, markedly boosting clutch-holding capacity. It features the ProForce Torque Converter, enhanced with new friction material for superior reliability and efficiency. Additionally, including a Deep Sump Transmission Oil Pan expands fluid capacity by two quarts, aiding in temperature management and prolonging fluid life.

A key enhancement is the re-engineered CDF drum, which now features a sleeve-retention mechanism to avert common failures in standard units. Equipped with brand-new OEM clutches and steels, the transmission operates with unmatched smoothness and efficacy. The augmented fluid volume facilitates temperature control and simplifies maintenance, with easy fluid changes via a strategically positioned drain plug and the option to install a temperature sensor.

The BD Edge

Choosing the BD 10R80 RoadMaster Transmission offers numerous advantages. Ford F-150 Drivers will appreciate the noticeably smoother and quicker shifting, significantly improving the driving experience. Its ability to maintain cooler temperatures substantially extends the transmission's life. Moreover, the thorough redesign and enhancements assure users of a reliable solution, free from concerns of delayed shifts or flares caused by CDF drum leaks.

A Prime Choice for Automotive Shops

For automotive shops in Canada seeking to replace or upgrade problematic 10R80 transmissions, the BD 10R80 RoadMaster Transmission stands out. Its robust build and cutting-edge features make it the go-to option for enhancing vehicle performance and dependability. More than a mere replacement, the BD 10R80 RoadMaster Transmission redefines what is expected from truck transmission technology.