When Ford introduced the 6.4L Super Duty engine over ten years ago, it marked a significant development for Ford owners. It was the first Ford engine since the IDI to feature a common rail fuel system, aligning it with contemporary competitors. However, over time, a major issue with this model became evident: excessive heat. The 6.4L engine's high exhaust temperatures often caused the manifolds to warp and crack, leading to failure.

A damaged manifold can severely affect your vehicle's performance, resulting in power loss, slower acceleration, misfiring, reduced fuel efficiency, and generally poor operation. Initially, manifold failure may only slightly affect performance, but without prompt repair, the problem can worsen significantly.

BD steps in with a solution.

2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Power Stroke Manifold Set

BD has developed a robust new manifold set designed to withstand the intense heat that the original equipment (OE) manifold cannot. Constructed from heavy-duty, 0.25-inch thick, high-silicon ductile cast iron, BD's exhaust manifolds for the 2008-2010 Super Duty 6.4L Power Stroke represent the necessary upgrade for those seeking durability that the OEM parts do not provide.

This manifold set boasts precision-engineered gasket-matched ports, optimized using computational fluid dynamics to enhance exhaust flow. The design effectively boosts fuel efficiency and eradicates the risk of exhaust leaks.

The outcome is an exhaust manifold set that serves as the ideal replacement for your vehicle, offering both enhanced performance and significantly increased reliability for peace of mind.

BD's manifold set is also an excellent upgrade for those adding a turbo or up-pipes. It is available as part of our comprehensive 6.4L Exhaust Manifold and Up-Pipe kit, presenting a cost-effective option.

This manifold set represents a wise investment for both those who have experienced factory manifold failure and those looking to proactively upgrade their vehicle.

Product Highlights

The BD 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Power Stroke manifold set ensures greater reliability, which translates to fewer future repairs. It is ideal for high-performance applications, maximizing the benefits of your performance upgrades.

Key Features:

  • Compliant with all emissions standards.
  • Made from durable, 0.25-inch thick-walled high-silicon ductile cast iron.
  • Coated in high-temperature-resistant black paint.
  • Comes with the necessary cylinder head to exhaust the manifold gasket.
  • Includes 6 exhaust studs that connect to the up-pipe flange for easy installation.