Keeping your Duramax Healthy - Venom Fuel Lift Pump for 2001-2010 Duramax

Keeping your Duramax Healthy - Venom Fuel Lift Pump for 2001-2010 Duramax

Has your CP4 failed yet? Looking for a simple, drop-in solution that can keep your Duramax going?

Then it’s time to check out the Venom Fuel Lift Pump for your 2001 to 2010 Duramax.


Venom Fuel Lift Pump kit

Keeping your Duramax healthy with the Venom Fuel Lift Pump for 2001-2010 Duramax

Truthfully, your vehicle should have left the factory with a fuel lift pump already installed, as the lack of one inhibits engine performance. Fortunately, you can now upgrade with the BD Venom Fuel Lift Pump.

No matter how hard you push your vehicle—a little or a lot—it can only do its job properly when it receives a steady supply of clean fuel. Your truck’s CP3 or CP4 pulls the fuel from the tank, almost like a vacuum. This vacuum and lack of fuel causes loss of lube to the CP4, and this is why it fails. When the demand for fuel rises, or worse, if you have a bad tank of diesel that clogs the filter, you’ve got a problem.


venom fuel lift pump

The Venom Fuel Lift Pump comes with two filters to ensure that your vehicle gets a steady flow of clean diesel, providing your high-pressure fuel pump with all the fuel it requires.

The Venom Fuel Lift Pump uses a new large fuel pressure diaphragm and ball bearing rotating assembly to provide a constant 10 PSI. It solves many fuel priming issues, but most of all, it protects the CP4 on your late model truck from experiencing a major failure.


venom fuel lift pump

Using a rigid mounting bracket, the Venom Fuel Lift Pump bolts directly to the pump, rather than mounting to the motor, and although it is designed to provide fuel flow for more than 900 horsepower, it remains compact enough to remain unnoticed on your vehicle. The included vibration isolators keep it surprisingly quiet.


poppet vs venom diaphragm regulation comparison

Every kit includes a commonly sourced 3-micron fuel filter and a 20-micron water separator. Because replacements are readily available in your favourite local shops, you won’t ever have difficulty finding a replacement when you need one.

Everything you need for a quick and easy installation is included. With no cutting, splicing, or drilling required, you can do the job yourself in your own driveway in a little over 2 hours.


poppet vs venom diaphragm regulation comparison

The Venom Fuel Lift Pump for Duramax comes with a 24-month, 48,000-mile warranty and you can also register online to receive a limited lifetime warranty.

Key Features:

  •         Ultra-compact design
  •         Remarkably quiet, efficient ball bearing rotating assembly
  •         1-1/8-inch diaphragm based fuel pressure regulation
  •         Pre-set 8-10 PSI
  •         Updated pump mounting bracket
  •         Hard coat billet pump body
  •         Commonly sourced fuel filter and water separator
  •         165gph support from stock to 900hp
  •         No cutting required thanks to the included quick-connect fittings

Keep your Duramax going with an easy-to-install Venom Fuel Lift Pump and avoid a loss of performance or worse, a catastrophic CP4 failure. 

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