Checkout the Making of the BD Performance Screamer Turbochargers 

Looking for a drop-in that gives you the boost in power that you want without the major modifications that you don’t want? BD Diesel is here to help with performance Screamer Turbochargers. The Ford 6.0L & 6.4L Power Stroke, Dodge 6.7L Cummins and GM 6.6L Duramax drop in to replace the factory originals.
How does BD create these turbochargers and why are they the best for your vehicle? Keep reading!

Making the BD Performance Screamer Turbochargers

It all starts with research. Theories and calculations are put to the test with data collected during on-vehicle testing. Models are 3D printed and tested for a perfect fit. Custom tools in our in-house machine shop allow us to build to extremely tight tolerances for a superior turbo.
Trained technicians are responsible for installing the billet ballistic compressor wheel and turbine wheel, followed by balancing on a high-speed VSR that spins the assembly to 70,000 rpm or higher! The result is the elimination of defects that might otherwise go unnoticed. With one simple step, the turbo can be balanced as an assembly, without disturbing the rotating assembly like traditional balancing! This way, the test results are the results you can expect.

How Do The Screamer Turbochargers Work? 

Screamer turbo’s often feature turbine wheels that are noticeably larger, which is responsible for the decrease in drive pressure. These larger turbine wheels help the VGT turbo make higher boost more efficiently allowing more exhaust flow.
On the compressor side, Screamer turbos are made with larger compressor wheels. These larger wheels are capable of higher flow rates, which allows the engine to produce more power. In the case of Ford 6.0L Screamers, two stages are available to choose from. Stage 1 features a smaller compressor exducer, making it more suitable for towing and lower rpm, while the Stage 2 it is geared toward the higher RPM with a larger Compressor, suitable for higher power applications.
Testing on the dyno reveals an increase of up to 100 wHP, making the BD Diesel Screamer turbo a cost-effective means of lowering drive pressures while increasing boost and providing the reliable performance that you are looking for.

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