Electronic Exhaust Brake

BD Diesel is delighted to launch our innovative electronic exhaust brake. To fully appreciate this technology, it's crucial to understand what it is, how it benefits you, and why it's necessary for your vehicle.

Exhaust brakes are a supplementary braking system typically found in large commercial vehicles such as buses and semi-trucks, as well as personal vehicles like RVs and tow vehicles. Their purpose is to decelerate the vehicle safely, reducing the dependence on wheel-based braking systems.

This exhaust brake is a crucial upgrade for diesel vehicle owners who frequently tow with their vehicles, from hauling camping trailers for mountainous adventures to transporting heavy machinery to work sites.

Understanding the Functioning of the Exhaust Brake

Our newly introduced electronic exhaust brake sits in the exhaust line, positioned right after the downpipe. Its mechanism involves a butterfly valve that obstructs the exhaust flow from the engine. This obstruction creates added backpressure against the pistons during the exhaust stroke, consequently enhancing the braking ability and providing superior control over your vehicle's speed.

Electronic Exhaust Brake from bd diesel

Benefits of BD's Electronic Exhaust Brake

Prolongs Life of Braking Components and Prevents Overheating

The exhaust brake supports the wheel-mounted braking system, thus extending the lifespan of key components like brake pads, rotors, and drums, particularly when frequently towing heavy loads. It also decreases the stopping distance for heavier vehicles.
By reducing the load on regular brakes, the exhaust brake prevents overheating, a crucial feature when descending slopes.

Ease of Installation

Our exhaust brake seamlessly integrates with your existing exhaust system. It features a straightforward drop-in installation process and comes with a control box that connects with your existing vehicle harness. This enables the use of the factory dash button and retains the OEM features.

Superior Functionality

Thanks to BD's exclusive Variable Orifice Technology, our electronic exhaust brake generates up to 150 retarding HP with optimum backpressure regulation throughout the RPM range. It delivers consistent and reliable engine braking, thereby enhancing your confidence while towing. Furthermore, it utilizes an electronic actuator for valve activation, removing the need for air compressors and the potential issue of freezing air lines during winter.

Enhanced Durability

The elimination of air compressors and air lines reduces potential failure points. Our exhaust brake's cast iron construction withstands heat cycles, thereby ensuring extended durability.
Moreover, these brakes are quieter than compression brakes and require minimal maintenance to stay efficient.

Electronic Exhaust Brake

Why You Should Consider Installing an Exhaust Brake

If you drive a diesel-powered vehicle, such as a pickup, SUV, or even a motorhome, you've likely observed that simply lifting your foot off the throttle provides limited braking effect. Descending a long, steep incline while towing a trailer can lead to your braking system becoming overwhelmed and progressively less effective due to overheating.

Such situations not only increase wear and tear on your brakes but can also be incredibly stressful. The conventional braking system creates friction and heat by forcing brake shoes or pads against the drum or rotor. Prolonged braking can cause these components to overheat, potentially leading to structural damage.

For gasoline-powered vehicles, downshifting can provide some braking effect. However, this option isn't available for diesel engines due to their unrestricted air intake. While you could consider alternatives like installing larger, more expensive brakes or using special friction materials, these are often not the best solutions. Instead, auxiliary or supplemental braking systems like an exhaust brake are recommended.

BD's electronic exhaust brake provides engine braking to assist in deceleration. This not only controls downhill braking speed but also reduces brake heat and wear, thereby improving overall braking performance.

To find out more about our electronic exhaust brake, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!