The Problem

If you own a Cummins 6.7L engine, you might be all too aware of a common issue: grid heater failure. This problem, often marked by the melting of the electrical stud and nut beneath the heater, has resulted in costly engine repairs or replacements, sometimes exceeding $10,000. The precise cause of this failure is debated, but a major contributing factor is the 200A current flowing through a ¼” stud to the heater. Over time, heat cycling and vibrations can cause the bolt to loosen, leading to arcing and rapid deterioration of the connection. Even more concerning, the nut from this stud can fall into the intake runner and end up in cylinder #6, causing severe damage to the piston, valve, and head, or even total engine failure.

The Solution: BD’s NEW 6.7L Cummins Grid Heater Upgrade Kit

To address this prevalent problem, we developed a cutting-edge solution that enhances the entire power path to the heater, removing the troublesome nut and stud from the intake. Our kit replaces the stud with an M8 bolt, securely fastened through the top of the grid heater, ensuring a durable and dependable connection.

Our grid heater upgrade kit is specifically designed to resolve the critical issue of grid heater failure in Cummins 6.7L engines. This failure can often result in significant engine damage, but with our kit, you can eliminate concerns about the grid heater bolt melting and being ingested by the engine. This affordable and easy-to-install solution retains the full output of the stock heater, requires no tuning, and is fully emissions compliant. By securing the busbar from the outside through the top, this straightforward yet effective solution provides peace of mind for Cummins owners.

Key Features

  • Eliminates the Grid Heater Stud and Nut Failure Point: By eliminating the troublesome stud and nut from the intake, our kit mitigates the risk of these parts melting and entering cylinder 6, which could otherwise lead to severe engine damage or failure.

  • Maintains Full Heater Output: Our solution enables the grid heater to function at full power (2400W) without the risks posed by the original setup, unlike the 600W coil heaters or completely disconnecting the heater.

  • No Tuning Required or Engine Codes: With our kit, you won't encounter any P2609 (Low grid heater current) codes or need to perform any ECM tuning.

  • Self-Locking Threads: The lower busbar is equipped with Emuge self-locking threads, ensuring the bolt stays securely fastened despite heat cycling and vibration.

  • Quick and Easy Installation: The installation process is similar to replacing a grid plate and takes just an additional 30 minutes. No modifications or tuning are required.

  • Cost-Effective Alternative: Our kit is much more affordable compared to alternatives like open grid plates, external coil heaters, or aftermarket intake horns.

  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes all new replacement hardware for easy installation.

  • Resists Corrosion: The upper copper busbar is tin-plated, while the lower steel busbar is zinc-plated to resist corrosion.

The original weak point of the grid heater—the ¼” stud and nut—has been upgraded to a sturdy M8 bolt that threads through the top of the grid plate into a tapped busbar. This modification nearly doubles the connection's cross-sectional area, reducing electrical resistivity and minimizing heat generation. Securing the busbar from the top down eliminates any internal hardware that could potentially enter the engine if it fails. The lower busbar features Emuge self-locking threads, which prevent the bolt from loosening due to heat cycling and vibration. Additionally, the plastic components are made from glass-filled nylon, ensuring both electrical insulation and mechanical stability at high temperatures. The installation is straightforward, requiring minimal extra time beyond the removal of the intake horn and grid heater plate.

Product Benefits

Our grid heater upgrade kit greatly enhances the experience of Cummins 6.7L owners by removing the fear of grid heater failure and potential engine damage. This solution eliminates the need for costly intake horn replacements or undersized coil heaters. It guarantees reliable cold weather starts and maintains heating efficiency near the engine, unlike coil heaters positioned further away.

The Perfect Customers

Our product is ideal for all 6.7L Cummins owners looking to easily prevent catastrophic engine failure. It's a cost-effective solution for those prioritizing reliability and peace of mind over performance enhancements. This upgrade is particularly beneficial for individuals in cold climates who depend on an intake heater for starting their truck, improving fuel efficiency, and reducing emissions with full heater output. Additionally, it's suitable for customers in regions with emissions testing. Our kit is perfect for those who want to avoid ECM tuning or check engine lights after disconnecting the stock grid heater.