BD Diesel 6.4L Ford Up-Pipe - A High Flow, Quality Up-Pipe for Your Ford

Why Upgrade Your 6.4L Ford with a New Up-Pipe?

Your up-pipe is the critical link between your engine and the turbocharger. Guiding hot exhaust gasses to the turbo, to be converted into boostUnfortunately, with age and heat cycling, factory up-pipes may begin to experience failure, resulting in multiple issues, ranging from exhaust noise and soot buildup to slower turbo spool and leaking exhaust that could burn other components.

If you’ve been hearing excessive exhaust noise in your cabin, or if your turbo seems to take longer to spool, you may be experiencing pipe failure. Fortunately, there is a simple, cost-effective way of fixing this.


Stock up-pipes are not built with performance in mind. They are too narrow and can therefore be restrictive. When the exhaust gasses are unable to flow freely, they can’t generate the power necessary for your turbo to work. You want the pipes to be as high flowing as possible. When your exhaust gasses flow quickly, they can spin the turbine more efficiently.

Upgrade from the Ford Stock Up-Pipe

BD offers you the 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L up-pipe with EGR, an upgraded alternative to the original up-pipes. Made with 304 stainless steel, the pipes are mandrel-bent and provide greater exhaust velocity and improved turbo response time by minimizing restriction to the turbo.


2008-2010 Ford 6.4L up-pipe with EGR

The BD up-pipes are durable, long-lasting replacements for the original, with internally shielded expansion bellows. They meet all emission requirements and are fully EGR compatible.

The kit includes the turbo, manifold, and EGR Gaskets, along with all new bolts and nuts for the installation. A solution for this common power stroke problem, the BD up-pipes make an excellent upgrade that can be taken care of during other engine or transmission repairs. They are also an excellent complementary product when you are replacing your turbo or exhaust manifold on your power stroke.

The pipes are also available in a kit with 6.4-litre power stroke manifolds.


2008-2010 Ford 6.4L up-pipe kit

If you had your factory up-pipe fail, the BD Diesel up-pipe is for you, but you don’t have to wait until something goes wrong before you take action. The BD Diesel up-pipe can be installed as a preventative measure, saving you time, worry, and potential expense.


2008-2010 Ford 6.4L up-pipe

Advantages of the BD Ford Up-Pipe

1. The up-pipe is fully EGR compatible and meets all emission requirements.

2. The larger diameter 304 stainless steel up-pipes feature internally-shielded stainless steel expansion bellows that absorb dimensional changes caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

3. Improve performance, maximize your response time and eliminate exhaust leaks.

4. Greater exhaust velocity thanks to the wider mandrel-bent pipes.

5. Includes exhaust manifold gaskets, EGR gasket, and turbocharger pipe gasket


    When you want maximum performance, don’t let your lightweight, leak-prone stock up-pipes stand in your way.

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