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BD Ram Competition Intake - Everything You Want To Know

When you are looking for the best possible performance, you want every edge you can get.

How to Maximize the power of Your Turbo with Performance Upgrade Kit

For as long as people have perceived limits, they have looked for ways to get around or surpass them and when it comes to performance vehicles, it’s no different. Your Cummins engine already has a reputation for longevity, durability, and the ability to produce tremendous power and high torque, but when you’re looking to maximize the performance of your 03 to 07 Cummins, you want to eliminate any restrictions that create artificial limits.


Cummins turbo diesel engine intake kit

When upgrading Cummins turbo diesel engines for use in competition, you will typically encounter flow restriction from the factory intake horn and grid heater. Given that optimal flow is integral to high performance, finding a way to increase it can help to maximize the power of your turbo. This is where the latest performance upgrade kit from BD Diesel comes in.

Diesel Army has given a great overview of the new intake here:  with plans for an install article coming soon! 

Sure to be a hot item for those focused on competition, this kit for 5.9 litre Cummins engines is unlike any other intake system. It removes the grid heater and grid plate restriction, without needing to machine the factory cylinder head. Because of the unique design, the kit necessitates some additional parts, which come included. You will, however, need a fuel rail (sold separately).

With the removal of the grid plate, the intake is attached directly to the cylinder head plenum. The benefit of the large plenum design is a much greater flow distribution, significantly increasing flow across all cylinders. It also reduces system pressure drop by lowering the amount of pressure dropped through the intake system. This design is perfect for supporting and feeding high-performance turbos.


oem vs bd intake comparison


This new performance upgrade kit for Common Rail 5.9 litre Cummins engines includes the following features:

- A unique, large plenum design that feed the entire grid plate area and creates a better flow distribution to all cylinders

- Conceived and built to support high-performance turbos

- Maximized flow with reduced pressure drop through the intake system

- Smooth plenum expansion creating signature inline-6 performance

- Ports for the manifold pressure sensor and two additional ports for either boost reference or injectables

- Upgrade kit is designed to work with Dual CP3 kits.


This BD Competition Series intake kit includes the charge pipe, CCV relocation hose, required extension harnesses, as well as new fuel pipes. All that you will need is a 6.7 litre Cummins fuel rail to begin installation.

Offering unparalleled airflow without the need to modify the factory head, the Competition Intake Manifold will give you the extra boost in performance that your vehicle needs to start breaking limits.


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